Against Cellulite: LPG Lipomassage

Dents on the buttocks, thighs or knees. Hardly a woman who does not suffer from cellulite. Proper nutrition helps against orange peel, lots of water and exercise. And supposedly with the LPG-Lipomassage also a new procedure that effectively works against the unsightly dents on the thighs and buttocks. We have tested the lipomassage … LPG-Lipomassage in the test In the next 35 minutes everything revolves around the problem areas: butt, thighs, knees. LPG lipomassage is the name given to the procedure developed by a French doctor. After a burn, he wanted to treat the scar with a mixture of cupping and roller massage – and realized that the entire skin was tighter and smoother with this treatment method. Now the patented method is also used in Austria – for example in Vienna's Medical & Beauty First Vienna Day Spa . At the beginning there is a thorough medical history. Lipomassage is not suitable if you suffer from varicose veins or sharp broom tears – even with psoriasis, the LPG roller vacuum method should not be used. Then you slip into a kind of white full-body tights (explicit places are opaque). Sexy does not look like that at all – but what does it matter if you lose up to 4.3 centimeters of thigh circumference (depending on your starting situation)? Anti-cellulite treatment The next 35 minutes are spent on a lounger, while the beautician uses motorized rollers to iron over the problem areas. A little strange is the feeling at first: Because the independently rotating rollers pull up the skin folds and massage them into the deepest layer of tissue …. a feeling like a small vacuum cleaner sucking on Po & Co. The mechanical stimulation should trigger the body's own reactions: the reactivation of fat loss and the production of collagen and elastin. Blobs on the problem area "riding breeches" or above the knees are thus broken down – the cellulite smoothed. Half an hour later you can peel yourself out of the white bodysuit. The skin actually feels smoother, looks firmer and tingles a bit in the thigh. Well, says Margit Herold from Medical & Beauty First Vienna Day Spa , "then the body works." Granted, the treatment is not quite cheap with around 90 euros – and the best results are achieved with ten applications (790 euros). Margit Herold: "There is no cellulite treatment that can conjure up a 20-year-old from a 50-year-old, but the figure gets more tonus, the dents are diminished." As lightning therapy before the holidays you can treat yourself with a lipomassage.