Streching for the feet

Exercise 1: Stretching the sole of the foot (especially the transverse arch)

Aids: Theraband (or scarf) Simply sit on the floor or on a mat and stretch your legs out side by side. Grasp Theraband with both hands at the ends and position over both foot pads. Pull the Theraband gently towards the body until the stretch in the calf is noticeable. Hold for 5 seconds. Loosen, loosen the feet loosely from the ankle and repeat the stretching.

Exercise 2: Stretching of the foot

At the same time, extend both toes forwards and downwards so that the back of the foot is stretched. Then pull the toes upwards – to stretch the Achilles tendon and the calf. This is important for high heel fans, because the Achilles tendon can shorten while wearing high heels permanently.

Exercise 3: Stretching the sole of the foot (especially the long arch)

Cover the foot with your hands at the side. The fingers press into the FuЯvцlbungen, the longitudinal vault of the foot. On the front of the foot, the thumbs create a slight back pressure. Hold for 5 seconds, then loosen the foot and repeat the exercise again. Then treat your feet with a little massage. Here's how it works: Hold your foot between the thumb and fingers with light pressure on the sole of the foot. Then run your fingers along the sole of the foot in small circular movements. Keep the pressure as it is individually comfortable.