Are unequal sized breasts normal?

The human body is pretty perfect, but the little flaws make it so beautiful. Birthmarks, freckles and uneven eyebrows are often visible at first glance. Not the same size breasts fortunately not! Incidentally, the fact that the two girls do not have one and the same size is something every woman will notice. And often the nipples are not twins. But is that normal?

The human body is never quite symmetrical.

Yes that's it! It would be funny if they were the same. And there are even explanations for it: The hormonal development, genes and also by the breastfeeding of a child changes can occur. Otherwise, it is simply due to the whims of nature that breasts are not twins. Of course you should consult the doctor if the size difference changes rapidly. Also, one should not shy away from undergoing an adjusting surgery, if the large difference in size results in postural problems or back pain.

A good bra compensates for differences in size.

If the asymmetry is not so big, but still feels annoying, then you can use these tricks. Buy a well-fitting bra that fits the larger breast. Not made of lace, because the soft material adapts to the shape of the breast and not vice versa. Flowing fabrics hide better than a tight jersey top. And if you wear a low neckline, you can help with make-up.