Long term weight loss: The best tips

The favorite bikini has become a little scarce? For many, that's the main reason to finally get rid of the annoying kilos that have spread on the hips in recent weeks. But how do you get rid of them? Most diets bring little stress next to stress. Above all, the yo-yo effect ensures that after Selbstkasteiung kilos set twice again. There are quite a few weight loss tips that can help you lose your weight and keep it lasting. Not only are they really helpful, they are also very easy to implement. Nutrition change must be! The only downer: You will not be able to avoid a long-term change in your diet. A little bit, you have to change your lifestyle. For example, go past the bakery every second time – no matter how good it smells. Or say 'no' when the colleague has brought a cake. Instead, you often say 'yes' to an extra serving of fruits and vegetables. However, the weight loss tips will help you combat cravings (or make sure they do not even occur). Tip 1: Enjoy your meal! Have you ever tasted a rib of chocolate on your tongue? Or chewed a piece of apple until you could enjoy the whole taste? You will realize that it is a huge difference whether you are slowly enjoying or simply chewing, swallowing and displacing quickly that you have ever eaten. Enjoyment is a very important point when it comes to losing weight. Because many of us have forgotten how enjoyment works. After all, there is nothing wrong with chocolate, burgers and co. (As long as you only eat them in small quantities or rarely). But if you feel like it, take your time, chew slowly and taste every bite. Incidentally, this applies to all meals. Take a look yourself: If you swallow the Weckerl in the lunch break while standing, because you do not really have time, then you have an appetite for something sweet. Eat slowly and consciously, then you will be satisfied after the meal and the dreaded cravings in the afternoon will be over. Another reason to enjoy and eat slowly: The satiety begins only after about 20 minutes. So you eat much less if you do not eat so fast! Tip 2: Eat regularly! Whether you eat three or five meals a day does not matter. The scientists are not in agreement on this point anyway. So just handle it the way it fits you best. If you get along well with three meals, you only eat three. If you are always hungry in the morning and in the afternoon, plan snacks. More important than the amount of meals is that you eat regularly. The more hungry you are at a meal, the more you eat. And the sooner cravings are also set. Always have a snack that is as low in calories as possible, if you know it's going to be stressful again. Well suited are fruits, raw food or low-fat yoghurt. Tip 3: Reduce stress. Stress is your enemy – especially if you want to lose weight. Because he usually makes sure that you eat more. In addition, studies have shown that fatigue-stressed people store more fat, especially in the abdominal region. This has something to do with the hormone cortisol, which is increasingly produced during stress. That's why you need more relaxation. Often it helps, if you just go around the house to ventilate the head. Or chatting briefly with colleagues. Yoga can help in the long term. Tip 4: All food is allowed! There are no bans on our weight loss tips. After all, everything that is forbidden tastes even better! That's why: eat everything. But only in small quantities. For example, allow yourself only once a week a bag of chips instead of every other day. Then you have the choice whether you want to plaster it in one go or eat something daily. This tricks the cravings out. Tip 5: Regular exercise. Unfortunately, exercise is a must if you want to lose weight. But look at it positively: The skin on the legs, butt and abdomen becomes firmer! Not so bad before the bikini season. Through endurance sports you lose calories. Well suited are walking, jogging, swimming or cycling. In addition, you should build muscle mass with light strength exercises for the arms, legs, buttocks and abdomen. Because the more muscles you have, the more energy you burn – even if you are not doing any sports at all. You should do both about two or three times a week. Tip 6: Write a nutritional protocol. Take a log sounds boring. But a nutritional record brings you a lot. Because then you see all big and small sins black and white. Even those who had already forgotten you! Just take a DIN A 4 sheet in landscape orientation and make a column for the time of day, a column for what you ate, one for any drinks, and one in which you enter how you felt about it. And in this table you enter now everything, which you ate over the day. Best as soon as possible. Be sure to be as accurate as possible with the quantities. You do not have to give a gram number, but an approximate size should be. Take a look at what you have consumed during the day and take stock. What did you eat out of hunger, what did you eat out of other feelings? Tip 7: Eat lots of fruits and vegetables. Fruits and vegetables are perfect if you want to lose kilos. Because they contain little calories and fill you up. Try something new! How about papaya or kaki? Or prepare a fruit salad, which tastes even more exciting than a banana pure. Tip 8: Prefer Whole Grain Products. Whole grains have a big advantage over regular white flour foods: they last longer. In addition, they have a weaker effect on blood sugar levels. Say: You do not get hungry for something sweet right away. In addition, whole grains contain more minerals and vitamins than their bright siblings. Tip 9: The right choice of drink. Did you know that a glass of orange juice has a good 80 calories? Similar to a glass of beer or wine? Even coffee drinks contribute well to the calorie account if they contain sugar, milk, syrup or even whipped cream. You do not have to do without it now, but be aware that you are having a good snack with a caramel macchiato. Instead, grab water more often because that does not have any calories. Even unsweetened tea or coffee is calorie-free.