Should / may / may throw a tampon in the toilet?

A tampon is nothing more than concentrated toilet paper? So can I flush it down in the bathroom? The clear answer is no! But why not? What can such a small thing do already? Quite simply: It does its job: And that is liquid absorb. This can make a small tampon bigger and bigger, and thus a really big problem: And that means that the sewer pipes become clogged many times their original size. Because a tampon is of course not made of paper, but cotton or cotton! Paper dissolves in water whereas cotton swells and does not tear! To test this, simply put a tampon in a large bowl full of water – it will become more voluminous for a long time and that's exactly what you would send to your sewers!

Want a little flood or constipation?

Many wastewater connections of toilets have built-in screens, which can clog with non-dissolving tampons and thus provide a flood in the apartment – and what comes up again, you really do not want to see!
However, tampons can expand so massively that even sewer systems without a sieve can clog up – and that can be expensive! So: Wrap a bit of toilet paper around the used tampon and put it in the dung-bin! Ideally, such is right next to the toilet. Equipped with a garbage bag in it, provided with a lid and often emptied so no unwanted odors can arise!