Sugar free diet? That's how it's done!

It's no secret that sweets, pastries, ice-cream & Co are screaming for sugar. But not only in them is the white gold hidden. There are many different terms behind sugar: glucose, fructose, maltose, maltodextrin, syrup, maltose extract. Sugar is not only a great taste carrier, but can also be added as a preservative or thickener. And if you can not manage without sugar, you should avoid sweeteners and prefer to use normal sugar (in small quantities) or honey, agave syrup & co.

Tips for a sugar-free diet 1. Do not buy finished products. Cooking fresh with selected foods is not only healthier, it also tastes better. 2. Fructose is fine. However, you can make one or the other mistake with fruits. So better to grab an apple than a banana, or a pear instead of grapes. 3. Finished coffee blends are convenient, but also contain a lot of sugar. Therefore prefer to mix an espresso with milk yourself. Here you really have an overview of what's inside. 4. Juices, sodas & co are true sugar bombs. It is better if you drink water. However, if you do not want to do this permanently, you can also drink fruit tea, for example. Puffed (ice cold with lemon juice & co.) It tastes even better than a lemonade. 5. Food should be eaten unprocessed as much as possible. So grab fruit, vegetables, eggs, meat, cheese, yogurt and milk. These are healthy products that taste great and really taste great. 6. Such a sugar-free diet also has its pitfalls. Cravings alert! Therefore, there is a great tip: Smells very intense on vanilla sugar when you get hungry. So the chocolate packs remain closed.