Detox: Tips for the spring cleaning

If you give your body a "spring cleaning", is on top of the "to-do list": Colon cleansing. If you detox over a long weekend, support your intestine self-cleaning with it: In the morning on an empty stomach drink 200 milliliters of water with a teaspoon of psyllium (available at the pharmacy). Stir well and drink. Digestion is promoted and toxins are removed. During detoxification: Drink three liters of water a day. If water is a bit too bland in the long run, you can also drink tea. With the aromatic hot drink you can even optimize the detoxification. Nettle tea, for example, has a draining effect: toxins and excess water retention are eliminated more quickly. Tip: Try the new "Detox" variety with aronia berry and nettle from Teekanne from the "Harmony for Body & Soul" line. Very important: Detoxifying is neither about losing weight nor about starving. The choice of food plays a big role. Cereal products, sweets and animal products make the body sour. Say, with a spring cleaning, you can rebalance your base acidity balance. A helper is the magic tuber called potatoes. Our tip: Put in a potato day. Eat only boiled potatoes in the morning, at noon and in the evening. They have a dehydrating effect, are easily digestible and relieve the intestine. Give your body a break, preferably with a relaxing bath. Caution: The water should not be too hot, which irritates the skin. 35 to 38 degrees are perfect. Tip: Buy a base salt in the pharmacy or in the drugstore and use it to enrich the bath water. It not only stabilizes the pH of the skin, but also supports the body during detoxification. Exercise should also be on the plan, because it keeps your circulation going. Take for example the staircase as a fitness center: no matter whether at work or at home, off to the stairwell! To climb 200 levels daily is very effective. Or: Try out these detox exercises in between. They crank up the energy and make the lymph flow.