How do you protect yourself against foot and nail fungus?

If the athlete's foot has caught one, you can observe the following symptoms: The feet, and especially the toe gaps, itch and the dry skin flakes. In the later course of the infection, blisters and cracks can occur, even a bacterial superinfection is possible. Who suffers from athlete's foot, who often has to fight with nail fungus too. The fungal infection quickly attacks the toenails, should not be treated fast enough. As a result, nail fungus may even lead to the loss of the toenail. A gentle and at the same time effective method to make the athlete's foot legs is a special gel. It stops the spread of the fungus and supports the skin during regeneration. With nail fungus, a serum can stop the spread of the fungus. The serum penetrates deep into the nail and forms a protective film that can protect the surrounding nails. These should therefore also be treated with the serum, even if they (still) show no signs of nail fungus. So what to do to protect yourself from fungal attack in summer? One possibility is to devote some time to good foot hygiene and avoid minor skin injuries. In addition, one can help the skin to maintain its protective barrier – for example with the help of a protective foam (eg from Emcur). The water-resistant foam can protect even children over the age of four against infection in the swimming pool.