The enjoyment of cheese can extend your life

Everything tastes better with cheese. Okay, not everything. But we are totally crazy about Cheddar, for soft gouda, spicy mountain cheese, hearty raclette, salty parmesan, for a buttery brie and a tender melting camenbert (is actually already meal time, yummie ?!). For all its delicacy, cheese was not considered healthy food for a long time. Too fat, too high in calories. But now, tatataaaaam, doctors at the University of Graz have begun to simmer the bad reputation of the cheese once and for all: Cheese, they found, can increase your life expectancy and reduce the risk of liver cancer.

Cheese can do everything – even prolong your life

The scientific background: Cheese contains a compound known as "spermidine," which in turn stops the replication of damaged liver cells. Thus, cheese has the ability to prevent "liberal fibrosis" (ie, the accumulation of scar tissue that occurs in most liver disease) and hepatocellular carcinoma (the most common form of liver cancer). High levels of spermidine in the diet are associated with decreased blood pressure and less incidence of heart disease, the researchers said. Although the tests were initially performed on mice, the scientists are convinced that the results can also be applied to humans. The authors of the study told Nature magazine: "Of course we need to continue our research, but we are convinced that the spermidine contained in cheese could be the secret of a long life." If you're a rare species of cheese haters, the researchers also found that eating foods such as mushrooms, soybeans, legumes, and whole grains may have similar effects. For everyone else: off to the cheese boutique! We want to be 100.