How much hair loss is still normal?

After washing your hair, brushing or on the head pad you will find numerous hairs, which actually make our hair thicker and more voluminous and should not simply say goodbye. But you can still get felt tufts from the comb or from the drainpipe of the shower. And because of the amount you might think about whether this has not increased in the last few weeks and if that is still normal? In men, this experience is often part of everyday life. In many cases, receding hairlines are already spreading in their twenties and thinning hair is not unusual on male heads. The situation is quite different for women: full, beautiful hair is part of the female ideal of beauty and when it says goodbye, this is often accompanied by massive psychological problems. Whereby the question is repeated: How much hair loss is normal and when should you contact a doctor? The fact that we even lose hair is completely normal: our hair root is subject to a cycle of growth, in which the root is supplied with nutrients, as well as resting phase and with the stop of the supply follows the failure of the hair. You lose up to 100 hair daily. If it is more and over a longer period, then you should seek medical advice. The reason for excessive hair loss may be, for example, lack of vital substances, an excess of male hormones, a dysfunction of the thyroid or hormone fluctuations after the birth of a child. But it may also be external influences, such as pollutants from the environment or taken medications. Similarly, a genetic predisposition may be the cause or leaves in addition to the natural hair density in age. However, when you are young, you should not rely on shampoos or tinctures from perhaps questionable sources, but you better go to a hair specialist or specialist right away.