Powerfruit coconut

Sometimes the exotic fruit in the supermarket makes us laugh. Then we hesitate for a moment, but rarely does she actually end up in the shopping cart. What should you start with a coconut? And how do you even open it without completely devastating the kitchen? Apart from the fact that it is actually not so hard to get to the edible part (just knock with the back of the knife along the "equator" until the fruit divides), it is not always necessary to buy the whole nut. The appetizing exotic is now offered in many forms. The coconut is not only interesting in culinary terms, it also has a lot to offer in the areas of beauty and wellness. We reveal what you can do with the power fruit everything.

Nutrient bomb.

The coconut, which by the way is not really a nut, but strictly a stone fruit, contains (almost) everything you need to live. Theoretically, we could feed ourselves exclusively on coconuts for weeks without the body lacking anything. No wonder, the fruit is so full of valuable nutrients: Both in the meat and in the water fiber is included, which have a positive effect on digestion. In addition, they bind bile acid, thereby lowering the cholesterol level. The power fruit also provides plenty of minerals: copper improves brain function, magnesium supports the metabolism and helps to provide muscle with energy. Calcium protects against osteoporosis and stabilizes the cell walls, potassium is necessary for the functioning of the nerves, muscles and cells and stabilizes the fluid balance in the body. Iron is needed for blood formation, zinc promotes wound healing, the anitoxidans selenium supports the immune system.

Good greens.

In domestic supermarkets there is only the mature coconut with the typical brown, wooden shell to buy. It contains only a little liquid, but deliciously refreshing flesh. The water from the young coconut is also getting more and more attention: it is green, the skin is still soft – and it contains up to 450 ml of valuable coconut water. This is bottled and has been enjoying great popularity for several years. The trend is set by superstars like Drew Barrymore or Anne Hathaway. Meanwhile, the drink is also in this country much sought after. The coconut water really has a lot to offer: its high electrolyte and mineral content makes it the perfect isotonic drink for athletes.

Miraculous kitchen.

Hardly any fruit is as versatile as the coconut. The water is a refreshing drink, the pulp a delightful snack. The coconut milk is extracted from the fresh flesh of the ripe fruit, ground and pressed and is ideal for cooking Asian food, but also as a milk substitute in pudding, creams or pastries. The dried meat of the fruit is offered in grated form as flour. In the low carb kitchen, it is often used to bake cakes or biscuits. Because it contains less carbohydrates and more valuable fiber than normal flour. Coconut oil is pressed from dried coconut meat. Here, the quality is crucial: As with olive oil, you have to pay attention to what pressure it is. With cheap oils, the meat is often heated to a high pressure, thus losing a large part of the nutrients. The protected indication "Virgin Coconut Oil" guarantees that only fresh, ripe fruits are used for the production, which are neither heated nor altered in any way during the pressing process. Coconut blossom sugar is still an insider tip: The sweetener obtained from the inflorescence of the coconut palm contains many minerals and has a slightly caramel taste.

Personal hygiene.

In cosmetics, the coconut has been used for a long time. Especially the oil is part of many creams, shampoos and soaps. It is the lauric acid contained therein that makes the tropical fruit so special. Because it is well tolerated, moisturizes the skin and has a slightly cooling effect. It also has an antibacterial effect and thus protects the skin against external influences. The caprylic acid, also contained in the oil, helps the body to fight off fungal infections. Especially in the fight against the intestinal fungus Candida the regular consumption of creamy fat is recommended. It can also be applied to small cracks and already closed wounds, as it accelerates healing. An American study from last year even suggests that coconut oil also has a positive effect on the skin of atopic dermatitis patients.