Signs of the menopause

Menopause marks the transition between the fertile and unfruitful stages of a woman's life. Since the female sex hormone estrogen and progestin decreases, it can lead to various complaints. If the menstruation lasts for one year, the menopause and thus infertility is reached. This happens to most women around the age of 50 years. Here are 7 typical signs of menopause: Irregular bleeding
The first sign of menopause is the change in cycle length. The menstrual period often shortens and the intervals of the period become longer until it finally stops completely. Also, bleeding can occur. hot flashes
A classic of menopausal symptoms is sudden rising heat over the face, neck and upper body. The face reddens and a sweat follows, followed by a chill when the hot flash is over. sleep disorders
Many women report that in menopause, they take longer to fall asleep than usual. In addition, there are often awakenings, which can disturb the night's sleep massively and lead to a fall in physical fitness and fatigue during the day. mood swings
The hormonal change can also disturb the mental balance. Mood swings and depression, anxiety and irritability are possible consequences. Dryness of the vagina
The estrogen deficiency can also lead to sexual dysfunction in the genital area of ​​the woman. Less estrogen means less production of vaginal fluid in sexual arousal. Due to the dry mucous membranes, the vagina during menopause is more prone to injury. incontinence
Women over 40 often suffer from bladder weakness, as the lack of estrogen results in a regression of the mucous membranes of the bladder and urethra. In addition, the pelvic floor loses elasticity and becomes more compliant and the control of the bladder closure difficult. increase in weight
In the fertile years of a woman's body consumes about 300 kcal to mature an egg and cause an ovulation. If ovulation is so rare or ultimately completely absent, you suddenly have 300 kcal a day, which must be consumed differently. So if you want to keep your weight, you have to do more sports or eat less from the menopause.

Benefits of Menopause

After all the menopausal symptoms, women should not forget about the many benefits associated with menopause: no more annoying menstrual bleeding, no contraceptives, premenstrual syndrome is once and for all history and allegedly becomes a woman's orgasm The older she gets, the better!