Smokers are considered less attractive

The turquoise-blue government has decided it: The planned general smoking ban in the catering is off the table. It stays as it was. There are still smoking areas in the taverns, but no access for children and adolescents. A fatal regression in health policy, warn physicians. The Austrian Cancer Aid has therefore launched an online petition for the maintenance of the planned smoking ban (as of December 13: around 180,000 supporters). The WOMAN Facebook community has also been debating vigorously: But even if you throw the health aspects into the wind: There is another good reason why you should quit smoking better …

Smokers are perceived as unattractive!

Yep. Smokers are considered little sexy. This was the result of a recent study by the University of Bristol, in which 500 test persons were presented with portraits of 23 identical twins (smokers and non-smokers). There were no cigarettes on the pictures.

Still, the students rated smokers' faces less attractive. The researchers: "Twins have an almost identical genetic profile, yet they were able to spot the negative effects of smoking on skin, wrinkles, and general aging right away, and rated the smoking twin as less attractive in 70 percent of the cases." The researchers hope to dissuade young people from smoking with this knowledge. At least it works for us. Vanity – it's just the biggest trigger.