So you improve your sleep

Whether professional or private – negative stress is considered one of the sleep killers ever. Relaxation would be just the thing, but often easier said than done. Those who practice and practice relaxation regularly have better opportunities to not get into the stress spiral at all or to be able to relax and recover in stressful times. Relaxation techniques are very helpful methods! Important: Stay tuned and regularly work out your relaxation! Under-day activity can promote sleep. Find your type of movement that brings you more balance. For some, going for a walk regularly will be perfect, and for others, a sport like running or swimming is better. Both exercise and relaxation can be exaggerated. Therefore: Find the right measure and your own rhythm between activity, movement, relaxation and rest. Some people probably do not like to hear that. But: those who suffer from sleep disorders should avoid alcohol, caffeine and cigarettes at least some time before going to bed. Alcohol may even make you fall asleep more easily at first, but the quality of sleep is much worse and the propensity to wake up is increased. With caffeine the rule applies: after 16 o'clock rather do without it. Cigarette smoking just before going to bed affects REM sleep and deep sleep, and the wake periods increase. It was not until 2002, when scientists discovered the discovery of a hitherto unknown group of retinal light receptors: These receptors are responsible, among other things, for having the lowest release of the "sleep hormone" melatonin in the midday sun, while with increasing darkness the Increased hormone levels. This "natural" mechanism can be used by carefully going out during the day, for example during lunch break, and avoiding light in the evening, especially shortly before sleeping. Many people are unaware of the light sources at home: mobile phones, tablets and TVs often have a particularly high proportion of blue light, which is similar to the midday sun. Everyone has his ritual as he goes to bed. Design this time so that you do not stir things up, do not work anymore, do not talk or even quarrel in bed. During the day is the time to be active, while in the evening time stands for rest and relaxation. The bedroom is only for sleep (and sexuality)! That means no TV, mobile phone, laptop or tablet in bed. The sleeping environment should be as dark and quiet as possible. Fresh air and a slightly cooler environment are slack for most people. The personal attitude to sleep is not without significance. Did you know that the idea of ИН ИНan 8-hour sleep is a relatively new idea, whereas in preindustrial times the night sleep was probably done in 2 sleep periods?