Worth knowing about the period!

One woman curses her, the other already expects her hot! About every 28 days women get their period. For a long time mankind's monthly menstrual bleed was suspect and uncanny, because they did not know where it came from. Today, however, we know why we have cravings, suffer from cramps and occasionally come up with mood swings. Here are 5 interesting facts about the period: cravings
Shortly before the period, many women are more inclined to sweeten, which is an effect of premenstrual syndrome (PMS). This is due to a drop in the hormones progestin and estrogen before the onset of bleeding. PMS has a different effect on every woman. Some feel hypersensitivity of the breasts, tend to water retention or just have an appetite and take in this time a little too. Cramps
When the body is prepared for pregnancy every month during the cycle, a mucosal layer is formed in the uterus. If there is no fertilization, the uterus ejects the mucous membrane of the previous month. The rejection happens by contracting the uterus and is the cause of abdominal cramps. It's basically like a mild version of contractions when the body practically repels the child by contracting. The active ingredients ibuprofen and diclofenac inhibit contracting and are therefore included in medications for Mensturationsbeschwerden. mood swings
As the hormone concentration is at its lowest point during the period, some women may experience mood swings. One reacts irritated, is sensitive or not resilient. If a woman suffers from intense mood swings, perhaps even depression, doctors recommend taking the pill consistently for three to four months. But you should definitely talk to the gynecologist first. iron deficiency
If the menstrual period is chronically extremely severe and persists for a very long time, iron deficiency may occur in some cases. Normally, a balanced diet balances this, however. Only vegans who completely dispense with animal products will be advised to take additional iron supplements. Sports during the period
If the menstrual period is normal, you do not have to restrict yourself when exercising sports. If you have abdominal cramps, exercise will even have a positive effect on the body as the cramps are relaxed. Very good is, for example, climbing stairs, swimming or sex.