Yoga exercises for the home

The Far Eastern relaxation method Yoga makes you beautiful and healthy. And now even better: Everyone can learn it. A tip for beginners: Go slowly to the limit. And try to loosen tight spots by conscious and deep breathing. If you practice properly, nothing hurts afterwards. Whether you bring it to the headstand or leave it at the simple shoulder stand: Yoga always unfolds its full effect. Exercise 1: Flat stomach. This exercise massages the abdominal organs and removes fat: Sit on the floor with your legs straight (toes to the ceiling) and angle your left leg so that the sole touches your right thigh. Stretch both hands to the ceiling, then slowly bend the upper body forward and grab the right foot with your hands. At the beginning, it is sufficient if you only touch the tips of your toes. Hold the tension for about a minute, taking a deep breath. Then change the leg. Attention: Always keep your back straight, otherwise the lumbar spine will be strained. Exercise 2: Against tension. Lay with your legs straight on your back, keeping your thighs closed. The hands with the palms push down under the Po. Now take a deep breath and pull up on the chest by pressing your elbows into the floor. At the same time, bend your head back so that your head touches the ground. Make sure that the upper body "opens" properly – so the body is optimally supplied with oxygen. After about a minute first lift your head, then put it back on the floor. Exercise 3: For more relaxation. You feel exhausted? Sit on your heels. The back is straight. Stretch your arms up and fold your hands together. Only the index fingers point to the ceiling. Close your eyes, breathe deeply through your nose and exhale as loudly as possible.
Begin this breathing exercise for at least three minutes and increase slowly. Attention: When inhaling the belly must be noticeably wider! Exercise 4: More concentration. Lay with your legs straight on your back. The arms are laterally next to the body; Palms towards the ground. Now lift your closed legs by pressing your palms into the ground. The butt should also stand out from the ground. To hold the position, support the body with the arms in the back. Attention: Never perform this exercise with momentum, but slowly and with power! Exercise 5: Helps against stomachache. This relaxation posture trains the pelvic floor and lower back muscles, which is cramped in menstrual cramps. Sit on your heels. Slowly bend your upper body forward until the ribcage rests on your thighs. Place your forehead on the floor and stretch your arms backwards. The palms are open and face up. Close your eyes and stay curled until you are completely calm. Attention: The feet must lie flat on the floor, otherwise the pressure on the knees will be too strong! Exercise 6: Against tired eyes. Sit cross-legged on the floor and do each exercise five times. Look 1. up and down, 2. far right and left, 3. right top and bottom left, then top left and bottom right. 4. Let the eyes rotate in a clockwise direction. 5. Now fix a nearby point and then a point in the distance. 6. Finally, rub the palms together vigorously until they are warm. Put your hands over your closed eyes. Attention: In this exercise only the eyes, not the head should be moved.