Slimming with yogurt and granola

Anyone who eats this fruit yoghurt with granola for breakfast from now on will soon discover that something is changing. The miracle yogurt boosts the fat burning and ensures a healthy intestinal flora. With a functioning intestinal flora it is easier for the body to lose weight. In addition, the cereal in yogurt keeps your blood sugar levels stable. So you are full longer and do not suffer food cravings!

Chia seeds

If you want, you can also add chia seeds. These are full of healthy nutrients and make you feel full for longer. The best thing to do is superfood with vegan milk the day before, so that a kind of pudding is created!


Spelled muesli or oatmeal are perfect for our slimming breakfast. They contain fiber that stimulates digestion and make you full for a long time.


Especially now in spring and summer we love all varieties of berries. These contain many vitamins and antioxidants. So you get really full, you can also banana in the yogurt!