7 tampon bugs you should change

1. Wash hands!
Already clear that you wash your hands after using the toilet, especially if you have just introduced a tampon. But who washes his hands in front of it? Should we! Because with unwashed hands not only dirt comes in, but it can also penetrate numerous bacteria in the vagina. 2. vaginal discharge problem!
Of course it is sometimes uncomfortable when we have discharge in the middle of our cycle. But that's normal and should not be prevented by tampons. Why? Because it puts the vaginal flora in imbalance. 3. Tampons after swimming
Something that may be a bit tedious on holiday, but it should be done: changing the tampon after each and every swim. Why? Because the tampon absorbs salt water, chlorine & Co. The result? Burning, itching, skin irritations, even allergic reactions. Then it swam out. Apart from that, it's pretty uncomfortable to spend all day walking around. 4. Expired tampons?
No, of course, tampons can not expire. However, if the protective cover is damaged, please stop using it!

5. Too long in the body?
A long drive, a long session, or a trip into nature and thus the non-existent loo are to blame, that you leave a tampon longer in the body and do not change regularly? You should change that. Because tampons should be changed every 4-8 hours or the size of the bleeding determines how often has to be changed. Otherwise there is a bacteria magnet in your panties. 6. Change tampon too often.
It is also not good to change the tampon too often. Because if the vagina is dry and the tampon was introduced recently, so can crawl residues in the body. The result: infections and itching. 7. Tampon flush down the toilet ?!
Many do it, but you should not do it – wash the tampon down the toilet. Both the protective cover and the tampon should be disposed of in the dustbin. Not in the toilet!