What your cravings really mean

Suddenly you have an irrepressible desire for chocolate! And does not it mean we should listen more to our body? But nevertheless we have a bad conscience and a plus on the scales if we enjoy too much. But why do we always have the only well-known cravings for the unhealthy? Because our body unfortunately encodes its messages in food cravings. Your body does not really want chocolate but shows you a lack. And this is not fixed with sugar and fat, but with something completely different! We'll tell you what you should actually eat to really get rid of cravings for chips, sweets and co while listening to your body! Fancy greasy French fries or lemonade? You are lacking calcium. Get the mineral from cheese, broccoli, fennel or mineral water. Fancy white bread? You are missing proteins. The alternatives are fish, nuts, legumes and meat. Feel like sweets? You may be lacking vitamin D (absorbed through the sun's rays or in high-fat fish), chromium (in broccoli, grapes, cheese, poultry), sulfur (in cabbage, cranberries, horseradish), phosphorus (in poultry, liver, nuts, Eggs, milk) or tryptophan (in liver, sweet potatoes, spinach). Fancy salty snacks? You are missing chlorides. And they get you over fish or goat's milk. Fancy chocolate? Then you are missing magnesium. Contains this in high percentage (at least 70%) chocolate, spinach, nuts, beans and wholegrain. Fancy cheese You may be missing Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids. These are found in nuts, seeds, thistle oil and flaxseed oil.