Barre Workout: The new workout for stomach, legs, butt

We all want a tight butt, a firm stomach and firm legs. The solution: A training concept that shows its first success in a short time. The Barre Workout combines the best of ballet, pilates and yoga into a training program to strengthen and tone up the woman's "critical zones" (stomach, legs, buttocks). Not only the Victoria's Secret Models train for the Barre concept, also numerous stars like Madonna, Drew Barrymore and Dita von Teese love the training on the ballet bar.

Insider tip in Vienna

In the US, the ballet-lean training is already known, in Austria, but still a secret. We found a small studio in Vienna, with a focus on barre-workout. The first exclusive Boutique Barre Studio in Vienna is operated by Lars Berghold and Viktoria Pfaffstetter. "Our studio is for the discerning woman who wants to free herself from everyday stress," says Viktoria. In addition to the classic barre workout, the studio also offers Barre & Faszien as well as ballet classes for adults. "The courses are never more than 7 participants," says Lars. "The personal contact with the participants and the individual care are very important to us." Viktoria emphasizes: "You do not have to be a ballerina to get the sexy body of a dancer!" The training is described by the participants as challenging. There are also small hand weights used, as well as yoga tapes for stretching at the end of the lesson (training 60 min.). So the whole body is trained.

Barre & fascia

The subject of "fascia" has become increasingly important in recent years. Fascia (also called connective tissue) is the universal building material that runs through our entire body like a net and gives it shape and structure. Barre & Faszien is a new training program combining fascination training with the ballet barre. The slow and gentle training is divided into four blocks: invigorating, feathers, stretching and feeling. It is also ideal for regeneration. Price: 180, – Euro for 10 basic hours
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