Do it yourself: Crossfit

Choose one of our three workouts (eg The Bench). Repeat the exercises of this block as fast as you can. A short breather gives strength for the second round. Overall, you repeat the blocks for 10-20 minutes (depending on your condition). Next time, you choose another workout (eg The Backpack). Again, you repeat all exercises in a circle, until 10-20 minutes are done. The trick: the speed of the exercises not only calories burned and muscles are formed, the cardiovascular system is also trained and the endurance strengthened. Important for all exercises: keep your back straight and tense your stomach tight.

Workout 1: The Bench

Box-steps with the bank Strong legs. Just stand in front of the bank. The right leg makes a lunge on the bench. The left one follows and pulls before dropping to the chest. Turn off leg and descend with right leg. 5x, then leg change. Push-ups – push-ups Fixed arms. Support the bench with both hands. Bend elbows and stretch again. Important: Tense your stomach and keep your back straight. Arms are close to the body, and the head stays straight. Six repetitions. Variation for professionals. Put your feet on the bench and put your hands on the floor. Again bend and stretch arms six times. Box jumps on the bench bounce. Just stand in front of the bank. Feet are together, knees bent and back straight. Jump off and land on the bench. Rise up and jump down. Repeat 10x. Bench deadlift power in the back. Again just in front of the bank. Bend your knees and bring your hands to the bench. With straight (!) Back and firm abdominal muscles lift the bank and set down again. Four repetitions.

Workout 2: The Backpack

Bag squats all- round power. Keep the backpack filled with water bottles at chest level. The feet are wider than hip width. With your back straight as much as possible to your knees and back again. Depending on the condition 25-75 repetitions. Bag-Swings peppy. Fill your backpack with 5 water bottles (1 liter each) and hold it in your hands. Feet slightly wider than hip width. Swing the backpack backwards between your legs and back again (2). 25-75 repetitions. Overhead lunges Strong shoulders. Lunge with the right leg. Put the left knee on the ground and lift the backpack over your head. Stretch the knee and bring the left leg forward. Switch legs. 25-75x.

Workout 3: The Body

Jumping pull-ups beginners. Tie the jump string around the tree and hold it with both hands. Tilt backwards with the body. Bend elbows and pull forward. 10 times. Strong chest muscles. Find a stable branch at head height. Hold with your hands and go to your knees. Jump so far until the branch is at chest level. Important: Elbows must be close to the body. 10 repetitions. Pistols with tree balance. Wrap the string around the tree and stand straight. Stretch out right leg and kneel with left leg. Attention: Back remains straight and the left heel necessarily on the ground. Come back upstairs. Change leg. 10 repetitions. Rope jumping Airy. On a paved road 100 quick jumps with the jump line. For advanced players: 35 double jumps. When jumping, swing the rope twice around the body. Again, the back remains straight. When kneeling, bend your knees slightly.