What brings movement in the mountains

Weight reduction without having to go hungry.
At the beginning of your stay in the mountains, respiratory rate and heart rate increase. The body consumes more energy. This condition normalizes over time, the body slowly gets used to the "new climate". He works in the sequel more economical and more efficient, cardiovascular system, respiratory and metabolism normalize again. Strengthening the cardiovascular and immune systems.
Plus: Doping for the cells. Alpine sports trains and strengthens the heart. The thinner air improves breathing: it becomes deeper and more economical. The fluidity of the blood improves and the risk of thrombosis decreases. This causes an increased supply of oxygen in the cells! A free oxygen beauty treatment in the mountains so – pure rejuvenation! Hiking calms, increases the ability to concentrate and makes you smart.
Movement in nature is far superior to collective sweating in the gym. It activates all the senses, improves blood circulation and oxygenation of the brain. This also has positive effects on the ability to concentrate! By walking over stick and stone, the sense of balance is additionally trained. Allergy control.
All allergens decrease significantly in the mountains. For example, house dust mites can not survive at over 1,600 meters due to the dry air. Pollen fly in lower concentration.