Fasting: Glauber's salt

Therapeutic fasting (in addition to spiritual reasons) also serves to regenerate the intestines. For this, the intestine must first be thoroughly emptied at the beginning of a fasting cure. The first day of fasting should therefore be in the sign of colon cleansing. In addition to the rather unpleasant enema is suitable for "Glauber's salt". How does Glauber's salt work? The "Glauber's salt" is named after the physician and chemist Johann Rudolph Glauber, who mixed common salt and sulfuric acid at the beginning of the 17th century. The result was sodium sulfate – known as "Glauber's salt". The salt has a strong laxative effect. At least three hours after taking it, you can feel the first effect (in some it is faster – about an hour after ingestion). Attention: Since the urge to urinate will be very high, the next toilet should not be too far away. The colon cleansing with "Glauber's salt" should therefore be relocated to the weekend. It is also important that you drink more than usual during the effect time (about 3 liters) – otherwise threatens dehydration by the fluid loss! How do I take Glauber's salt? In a glass with 200 to 250 milliliters of lukewarm water are two to three heaped teaspoons of salt. ALL crystals should be dissolved – this may take a while. Glauber's salt unfortunately has a rather unpleasant taste. A splash of fresh orange or lemon juice can help here. In any case, you should have a glass of water ready to quickly wash away the strong taste. According to some fasting experts, the quantity distribution can also look different: to dissolve in a three quarter of a liter of water 20 to 40 grams of Glauber's salt. However, such a large amount should not be drunk in one go, but distributed over 20 minutes. For whom is Glauber's salt not suitable? Those who suffer from low blood pressure, heart failure, impaired kidney function or a nervous gastrointestinal tract should under no circumstances initiate a fasting cure with Glauber's salt. Even with prolonged, chronic use threatened by the increased intake of sodium edema and imbalance for the mineral balance. So do not use "Glauber's salt", if you regularly suffer from constipation or constipation!