Fingernails: signs that reveal much about your health! </title>

A healthy person has fingernails with the following characteristics: they are firm, smooth and rosy. If your nails are brittle, or if they have grooves, this could be an indication of a defect.

White spots

Unlike what you might have guessed, white spots or streaks on fingernails are not a sign of calcium or magnesium deficiency. This widespread myth has lasted for decades. They are caused by small injuries on the nail plate, for example, when you squeeze your finger or bumps. The white spots are so completely harmless, they grow out of the nail with time.

Yellow nails

In most cases, yellow discolouration on fingernails occurs through the use of colored nail polish or by smoking. For the paint problem, there is a simple solution: just use a clear base coat! Here you will also learn what helps against yellowish fingernails!

Grooves in the nails

Here you have to distinguish between longitudinal and transverse grooves. Occurring longitudinal grooves occasionally, then this could be an indication of stress, indigestion or dehydration. The best thing to do is to pay attention to your lifestyle, to drink more and not to paint your nails for a while. Sometimes, for example, only the thumb or the big toe is affected. If the grooves are transverse to the nail, you should have a blood test done to see if you are deficient in trace minerals, vitamins or minerals. Cross grooves could also be an indication of thyroid disease.

Brittle nails

If you paint your nails frequently and you remove the paint with nail polish remover, it can happen that the nails become dry and brittle. Give your nails a break! If they are still fragile, it can be a sign of a nutrient deficiency, such as those that occur when dieting is common. ш Video: WOMAN