You have to pay attention to this, if you have back acne!

Not only the face, but also other parts of the body are often affected by acne and blemishes. Especially the back can be a problem even after puberty. Men with pimples on their back are a little more likely than women to suffer, but in the end it affects both sexes. Many sufferers feel uncomfortable in summery, light clothing. And certain substances or detergents can also affect the skin on the back, resulting in a strong itching. Mostly the pimpling has to do with the diet, the care habits or the clothes. Lacoste

So you can avoid back acne!

Proper showering Especially with long hair, this can be a problem: If you let the conditioner work, then usually remains on the back of a greasy film back, which can clog your pores. The ingredients in your favorite shampoo may be due to increased pimple formation. Therefore, it is recommended to wash out the hair bent forward and then best to work on the back with a body scrub to remove any residue. Change linen The more you change the bed linen, the less dead skin, dirt and hair touch your back skin. Be sure to buy pure cotton rather than microfiber linens, because under a microfibre blanket you'll certainly sweat more, which can clog your pores. And of course you also have to change your sleep shirt or pajama top, because in the end it covers your back! Proper washing Use an antibacterial detergent and if you do not want to do without fabric softener, then look for ingredients for sensitive skin. Fitness trap No matter whether you sweat in the gym or jogging: Pull off your sports clothes immediately! Because when you drive home in your sweaty clothes, the bacteria have enough time to replenish themselves on your skin. Wear loose and breathable clothes for sports. Care Tips & Home Remedies Gentle body scrubs remove the dead skin and clog your pores. If you do not have a partner-in-crime who can scrub your back nicely, then buy a long-handled brush! Of course, you should not rub so long, until everything is blood red, but just gently massage the surface through! Creams and shower cream containing salicylic acid or dibenzoyl peroxide protect the skin from further pimples. Ingredients like tea tree oil, zinc or healing clay are also very good for acne. A quick exfoliation you can easily mix at home: You only need coarse salt, sugar and olive oil. Mix a slightly liquid paste and scrub your back with a washcloth.