Gluttony: This fruit regenerates your liver

No, the second serving would not have to be real. But it was, crap, just too delicious. But now moans your liver, your stomach tweaks. NEVER, I'll eat just one more bite Are you saying …. The holidays, these are the hell days for your stomach. And for your liver. Because we eat too much in the long term, then the liver does not cope with the digestion and stores the fat. The result: inflammation, fatigue, malaise. In the worst case, fatty liver can develop – and thus an increased risk of developing diabetes or even cancer. Of course, you do not even feed yourself a fatty liver over Christmas. Still, there are some things that make you feel better and feed her less calories and unhealthy fats. The good news: there are some fruits that help your liver to process the fats and thus to regenerate. We'll tell you what you need to eat to protect your liver: GRAPEFRUITS. The cholesterol-lowering effect of the grapefruit substance naringin and its positive effect on diabetes symptoms are documented by numerous studies. The naringin stimulates in the liver a metabolic process that is comparable to a fasting cure. The liver usually prepares fatty acids for long-term storage. Naringin breaks down these fatty acids. APPLES. Apples protect against free radicals, but also promote liver cleansing. Because the malic acid acts as a care substance on the liver and kidney and prevents the formation of kidney stones. LEMONS. The liver is the most important detoxification organ of our body. It makes important proteins every day that make fats digestible in our food. Lemon helps the liver with its tasks and helps to flush unwanted toxins and waste products out of the body. By the way: there are another 5 reasons for lemon water in the morning! AVOCADOS. The fiber in avocados increases the sense of satiety, so you do not take too much to you. At the same time they reduce the blood sugar level and prevent the accumulation of pollutants in the liver. By the way: you should absolutely eat the avocado core!