HCG metabolic treatment: how dangerous is the trend diet?

The kilos should go, no matter how. The main thing quickly, the main thing, it works. Jojo effect, malnutrition – everything does not seem to matter if the remedies sanctify the purpose. Otherwise, it can not be explained why strange and sometimes even harmful diet concepts are suddenly declared hype and slavishly followed by people. One of these on the Internet to the new miracle diet explained ideas is the hCG metabolic treatment. As "The secret knowledge of the rich, beautiful and celebrities" the hCG diet is gladly touted. The highlight at the 1954 by the British doctor. Albert Simeon's applied cure is the use of the pregnancy hormone hCG, which is administered as a syringe, drop or homeopathic.

What is hCG – and why does it attack the fat cells?

hCG is the abbreviation for human chorionic gonadoptrin. This is a hormone that women produce during pregnancy in order to supply the growing baby optimally with nutrients. As soon as the nutrient supply is insufficient, hCG ensures that the fat cells are attacked.

Dr. Simeons idea: The hormone, which originally provides for the supply of the embryo, dissolves the fat reserves from the body and degrades them particularly effective – even in places where nothing else does. In the original form, the hormone is injected, today the syringes are exchanged for globules.

How is the hCG metabolic treatment going?

The hCG diet is divided into two phases: the diet phase, which lasts 21 days – and the stabilization phase. It lasts just as long and should serve to hold the weight. At first it starts quite comfortably. On the first two "loading days" should be extremely gefьцllert. You can eat up to 4,000 calories in the form of cakes, fast foods or greasy foods. To do this you start with the intake of hcG globules. In the following days of the diet phase, the hormone supplement is combined with an extreme low-fat diet (500 kcal a day!) Without fat, sugar, milk, carbohydrates and alcohol. Only lean meat, fish, tofu and vegetables and the grapefruit, oranges, strawberries and green apples are allowed. If you have reached your "desired weight" after 21 days, you can start the stabilization phase. From now on, 1,000 to 1,200 calories are allowed. Sugar and carbohydrates are still taboo.

How much does the hCG diet cost?

Almost 200 euros cost the various vital substances for the first month, since the globules are still relatively cheap at around 20 euros. In the other months you have to expect about 65 euros.

What is the effect of the hCG metabolic treatment?

The internet is full of success reports. Because: At 500 kcal daily this cure belongs to the fasting cures. Losing weight is what you do with it. But whether the hormone helps is not proven. There is no serious study on the concept. And also no surveys, whether the drug used in children desire can have harmful side effects. In addition, this diet threatens malnutrition, which should be compensated by expensive supplementation. Our conclusion: Extremely controversial, potentially dangerous concept from which one should keep away from all the success stories on the Internet despite all success stories.