My New Year's Plan: Petra is losing weight

8 kilos in 3 months. This is the goal of blogger Kirschbl№te aka Petra Jezik (30). In November she started the weight loss challenge #PetraWirdFit with us. So far, Petra has already lost 6 pounds and lost 9 cm belly circumference. Here you can read everything again. Now we wanted to know: how will things continue in the new year? And is alcohol still drunk on New Year's Eve?

My New Year's Eve plan:

This year I invite my girls to celebrate New Year's Eve at my home.
The cleaning day in front of it, burns certainly a few calories 🙂 And on December 31, I would like to go to the gym in the morning – once again take advantage of the calm before the storm and train in peace, before all 1.1. storm the gym =) Then I'll make a small healthy buffet for the girls' party:
– Whole wheat wraps with avocado, feta and hummus
– and with tuna, tomatoes and boiled eggs
– Salmon tartare with Philadelphia and cucumbers
– Mozzarella and tomato sticks
– Fruit salad with cinnamon and nuts
– Skewered fruit, covered in dark chocolate and strawberry sprinkles
– sweet potato chips
– Popcorn without butter
– wholemeal salt bars

Women on diet and children get non-alcoholic sparkling wine

{DIY} Vitamin Infused Water For the girls, of course, I'll cool sodas and sparkling wine, but I will stay with Infused Water (recipe here). Already at Christmas, I got from them as a gag and reward a non-alcoholic nursery, with which I will toast to New Year's Eve. The next day I will enjoy a smoothie bowl for breakfast and look for recipes for the next few days, so I can dedicate my new dishes. A photo posted by @kirschblog on Dec 27, 2015 at 3:20 pm

New Year's resolutions:

Smaller goals help me to keep my intentions in mind and the stage successes keep my motivation.
– On 7.2. The WOMAN Weight Loss Challenge ends and until then I want to reach the target -8kg
– When I reach the goal, I treat myself as a reward a Lena Hoschek dress
– I want to continue doing sports 3 times a week afterwards and will enroll myself in the gym after the cooperation
– By May I want to have visible abdominal muscles

Absolute must-haves for Petra On Petras blog you can find ongoing contributions to her weight loss challenge. On Instagram you will find some photos for inspiration under the hashtag #PetraWirdFit. A photo posted by @kirschblog on Nov 21, 2015 at 12:27 pm