Slimming with blogger cherry blossom

In the middle of November my weight loss challenge started with an article in WOMAN (here again to read): Minus eight kilos in twelve weeks was the plan. I weighed 68 pounds at 1.64 cm in size. You could follow this in the magazine, here on and This sense of control and the energetic support of experts helped me with the Project Wunschfigur.

Visibly satisfied, Petra throws herself in a selfie pose after the workout. The blogger took regular pictures to document her progress online. Most important pillar: my eating habits. Nutrition expert Monika Masik ( made me at least four hours break between meals. That made me very hard at first. My stomach was constantly growling. But after two weeks I got used to it. My beloved Coke was exchanged for water, baguette winkel spelled wholegrain bread, dinner I cook myself meanwhile. The amazing result of this consistent program: My irrepressible taste for sweets has actually disappeared.

At the Femme Fitness Studio, Petra trained with weights twice a week. The shapet arms, stomach, legs and butt optimally.

The second important pillar: sports. Strength training was scheduled twice a week (at For the inner balance, I tried yoga (at, and I am now addicted to it. Because it makes extremely flexible, and after each session, I feel fresh and light as a feather.

By eating regularly and cooking myself, my taste for sweets has actually disappeared.


For my project, I had not chosen the cheapest time. The initial phase was Advent, almost daily I had to resist the most delicious temptations. Uni-stress has also bothered me, usually there is the handle to sweet preprogrammed. That's why I'm so very proud of myself, because I've done it anyway! In the three months, I lost exactly the eight kilos that I had set for myself. Nine inches of waist circumference are gone, my muscles are grown properly and I feel fitter than ever before in life. That motivated me. Three more kilos are to go. So the journey continues …

Thanks to strength workouts and regular yoga Petra is in top form. In three months she lost 9 cm waist circumference.