Summer body: 5 tips

Everything for the perfect front view! Our push-up program. The skin on the dГ©colletГ© and breasts is extremely sensitive and even more delicate than on the face. UV protection (SPF 30) is therefore mandatory! What else can you do for a sexy cleavage? 1. Take a cold shower every day or rub it off with ice cubes – this will tighten and hydrate the skin. 2. Massage and exfoliate with a facial brush. 3. Train the Muscles: Supported on the elbow for several seconds stiff as a board parallel to the ground. 4. Stop smoking – according to a study, that makes the bosom grow. 5. Dusting the bronze powder (with a shimmer) on the chest gives the dГ©colletГ© an equal fullness. Po.
For a crisp flip side! Now it's all about. The bad news: without sport and exercise it's nothing to do with a sexy butt. And now the good ones: Dancing, inline skating, beach volleyball and aqua-fitness are the perfect summer sports anyway, they're a lot of fun and, by the way, they'll make you a top butt! And then we treat the back of the ass a few strokes with a large body brush or a loofah glove: Starting on the feet and massaging in large, circular movements upwards. Supportive is also an LPG lipomassage at the beautician. Legs.
Our tips for flawless legs! The new legroom. With model legs you are not born, you have to work it out. How it works? With firming alternating showers, regular plucking massages and daily creaming. In addition, the following little cheat tricks help: Always mix a dab of self-tanner into the leg lotion and define the outsides of the lower and thighs with a bronze powder or spray (a shade darker than the skin tone). No cold coffee: Caffeine is considered a miracle weapon in the fight against cellulite. But please do not drink, but treat the thighs with cooled Kaffeesatz-wrapping (cling film) – the purifies, detoxifies and reduces unsightly dents. Belly.
Now we find our center … Best of Belly. Bikinis and crop tops are now in high season – if you want to participate, you should pay attention to the following tips and tricks: Avoid beach days on carbohydrates and carbonated drinks. Both expand and make the stomach round. Start the day with 30-40 sit-ups. Chest out, belly in and shoulders back slightly – that does not just sound supersimpel, it also conjures a flat stomach instantly. For comfortable: Radiofrequency treatments at the beautician (from € 200, -) let melt after two to three units of nasty fat cells – and all without scalpel and scars! Poor.
Smooth and tight: Let 's work it out! Now we tackle 's. When it comes to tight upper arms and defined shoulders, there is (unfortunately) no way around training! Because only those who build muscle can break down fat in the same places. So it's best to buy a pair of nice dumbbells (max 2 kilos) and spend 10 minutes a day doing the exercises! This is how it works: standing upright, the arms are on the sides and the dumbbells are firmly in the hand. Now raise your arms outstretched to shoulder height, hold for five seconds, lower and then start all over again. Repeat the exercise 25 times and start the second round after a short break. Optical SOS tips: body oil and self-tanner on the arms!