Gym: make the right choice

The selection of fitness centers in Austria is huge, from budget-minded gym chains like McFit to more expensive studios like Holmes Place in terms of membership, but with personal fitness care and spa scores. But which gym is the right one? Take a closer look at the fitness studio websites and check that the studio meets certain important points. For example: Does the course offer appeal to you? Does the studio offer childcare? Is there a spa? So you can make a preselection and decide which fitness centers you look at personally. Trial. Make an appointment for trial training in the fitness centers that have been shortlisted – almost all studios offer free trial training. It is best to combine the training at the time that you would like to work out in the future, for example after work. Then you'll see how busy and if there are enough training devices – too long waiting times can be demotivating. Contract. Often follows after the trial training a conversation in which one is courted as a new customer. Here it is important to negotiate well. For example, you have a particularly good bargaining position in the summer when the fitness centers do not gain as many new customers as in the winter months. Do not be persuaded by supposed bargains to sign the membership fee immediately. Go back home, think about it and compare the offers of the studios you've been looking at. Motivation. If you've decided to go for a gym, it's best to start right now – and to keep your motivation from getting lost after the first euphoric weeks, here are some tips:
Looking for a training partner – whether the sister or best friend, it motivates each other easier.
Let's create a training plan that does not demand too much from you in the beginning, you can still boost yourself.
Write down two to three appointments per week, where you go to the sport (with training partner) and nothing else may intervene.
Use even small training units – it does not always have to be the full two-hour program, even thirty minutes on the treadmill are well worth driving to the fitness center.
Do not consider the sport in the studio as a compulsion to lose weight, but see the movement as a balance to everyday work – stress is reduced and the health is doing good in the long term.