Pelvic floor exercises in 10 minutes

Six simple exercises and ten minutes of time investing? That must be in it when it comes to better sex and possibly multiple orgasms. Through targeted pelvic floor exercises, this is particularly well supplied with blood, which increases the feeling of pleasure. In addition, a healthy pelvic floor provides support for internal organs and is important for a good body sensation. In short: excuses are not. It goes to the pelvic floor gymnastics : dam lifting. Roll a towel to a sausage. Now put them in a chair and put them on the towel so that your dam lies on the roll. Now imagine that you lift the dam one millimeter exhaling – and drop it again when you exhale. Repeat 6 times. Then you actually do the exercise – this time with muscle power. Let Po loose and repeat 6 times. Open and close. Now visualize your pelvic floor. You have to imagine that your vagina opens on inhalation and closes on exhalation. 6 times. Then gently try with muscle power. Then practice with the urethra and the anus. Introduce 6 times. Then do all exercises with muscle power. Belly, legs and butt remain loose. 6 times.

Six short exercises are enough to make the pelvic floor fit for the sitting bones. Form a triangle with the thumb and forefingers of both hands. Now imagine that you lift the dam (in this case the thumbs) on exhalation, so that the sides (which in this case symbolize your sit bones) come closer. Release when inhaled. 6 repetitions. Then actually repeat with dam and sit bone 6 times. Close the pelvis. Lie on your back and put your feet hip-width. Palms face up, belly and butt are loose. In this position, exhale close the vagina, open again when inhaled. Then practice the same with the urethra and the anus. Repeat 10 times each. The bridge. Lay flat on your back again. When exhaling close the vagina, curl up the pelvis and lift the bottom vertebrae. Upon inhalation, settle again and then release the tension. Next time raise the two lowest vertebrae, then three, then four. , , until you manage to only support your shoulders while keeping the pelvic floor taut. Loosen pine. Sounds absurd, but it is like this: If your mouth is relaxed, the pelvic floor muscles relax too. Therefore, this massage is particularly good for a pelvic floor spasticity: thumb and index finger below the cheekbones on the temporomandibular joints and massage the skin down to the corners of the mouth vigorously. About 1 minute. Then gently streak 10 times from top to bottom.