The 1 exercise that brought Kim Kardashian into the shape of her life </title>

Every now and then reality star Kim Kardashian shares her fitness routine on Instagram or Snapchat – and recently an exercise that allegedly owes the current 36-year-old Topfom to her has surfaced. Properly read: 1 exercise! And it's the good old rope jumping! Something that most of us probably did for the last time in childhood. The joyful gait is actually perfect to get fit in a short time and very effectively. Because rope skipping can be done anytime, anywhere – after all, you only need the skipping rope. In addition, it is excellent endurance training (ideal for burning a lot of calories – up to 500 kilocalories per 30 minutes even more than jogging or cycling), but also improves balance and coordination. In addition, not only the legs, but also the upper body are trained and brought into shape. And did we mention that it's just fun? What you should pay attention to when jumping rope: