Dance Workout: That works!

WOMAN reveals with which dance steps you burn the most calories. Because dancing is a real fat burner for the body. The rhythmic movement gets the cardiovascular system going and trains the muscles. The rehearsal of the dance steps or a choreography additionally trains the coordination. Another advantage: dancing can be done alone, with a partner or in a group. To benefit from the positive effects, you should dance once a week for at least half an hour. 1st couple dance Since the youth no dance school seen from the inside? That's how many are. Dancing with two is twice as much fun. From the classic waltz to wild rock'n'roll to the fiery tango there is something for everyone. 30 minutes burn 160 calories. 2. Zumba Disco Feeling in the Gym: The Trend to Dance Workout Zumba is now a mass movement. Across Austria, thousands of fans dance to the South American sounds. Beginners can also practice at home with a DVD. 30 minutes burn 200 calories. WOMAN editor Pia Kruckenhauser has tested Zumba. And here you will find fancy Zumba clothing. 3. Belly Dance Actually, the name belly dance does not quite do justice to oriental dance. Because the whole upper body and even the legs are trained. Another advantage: the movements protect the joints. 30 minutes burn 250 calories. In short: Find the best dance workout for yourself – and swing yourself!