Magazine tests: the toilet stool

So now I own a white plastic part, which now shares the toilet with me, with the help of which to empty my bowel contents as my Ururururururururur ancestors have done: in hockerln. A hole in the floor would be just as effective, in addition, in the paleo-trend and thus my rental apartment would certainly significantly cheaper. Nevertheless, I do not attack the wrecking ball, but as an alternative to said stool – for example, to have a good 80.49 euros for the known by viral advertising Squatty Potty or cheaper by the German manufacturer HOCA by 29.95 йo. The latter has been around for a few days and is causing a great deal of fascination for my guests: it even gets around that I'm going to revolutionize the bowel movement and acquaintances call me to try the stool as well – of course they want it from me before be cooked, otherwise there would be nothing to get rid of it again. You can definitely see – the subject fascinates. Well, after all it affects us all.

But what am I talking about? Of civilization diseases, such as hemorrhoids, constipation, irritable bowel and pressure soreness after pregnancy, which have just arisen because we are sitting wrong on the toilet! For the anatomy of man is not geared to our modern sitting toilets. Originally the big business was squatted and many of today's intestinal complaints were not known at all. We have become too comfortable – our permanent sitting, however, takes its revenge bitterly: In the quiet place, our intestines finally definitely do not want to sit, their anatomy demands that we go into a squatting position – only then can everything be relaxed and defecation should become the true (and fast) pleasure. The toilet stool for anatomically healthy bowel movements in the medically recommended 35 angle compensates for the wrong sitting position again and its effect is medically proven in multiple studies. Its shape and dimensions make it suitable for use in European toilets: The feet are stored at an ideal height so that the correct sitting position can be achieved and the corresponding muscle (Puborectalis muscle) can not be disconnected.

The high heels would theoretically be a good start – but it takes even more inches!

The test:

The first squats are admittedly only semi-comfortable – thanks to the new posture, the body weight is no longer distributed over the entire buttock, but reduced to two support points on the back. That is hard. However, I learn that if you do not position your feet too broadly, it will get better. But if I ruin the anatomy with it again? What I ahem – in any case, can confirm: It's really faster! I do not even have to take a book or magazine with me, because I would have just read two or three lines and can leave my smallest room again with a successful deal – it really does slip! My somewhat problematic digestion thanks very much! In addition, it is particularly practical that the stool, due to its rounded shape, can virtually disappear on one side under the toilet seat and only be pushed out if necessary.

Whether the new seat tactics additionally helps against hemorrhoids, I can unfortunately (thank God!) Not judge – but I will update this post in 20 years, I promise! The question remains: Can not you just take a normal stool, which then has the same effect? Yes and no. The height is scientifically perfected for the ideal relaxation of the lower intestinal muscles, the sphincter and the pelvic floor muscles. Plastic is also easier to clean than wood, for example, and therefore more hygienic. You will find more information and purchasing options on

Digestive problems could be a thing of the past.