Meditation with chocolate

When we hear "meditation", we immediately think of an upright seat on a hard pillow and backache. That's how meditating can look, but it does not have to be! We know a method that works much easier and has the same effect:

Meditation with chocolate

When we eat chocolate, it is usually not mindful and enjoyable. That's a pity, because you can consume chocolate so that it acts like a meditation unit. For that you sit down so that you have it cozy. Either at the desk in the office, lying half on the sofa or on the floor. As you like! Then you take a piece of chocolate, smell it first and then put it in your mouth. Let the chocolate melt there slowly. Take the shape of the chocolate clearly. Slide the piece in the mouth and enjoy the taste.

In those few minutes when the piece of chocolate slowly melts in your mouth, many happiness hormones are released into your body. Your attention is focused only on the chocolate, this leads to relaxation. This exercise is perfect for people who like to eat too much and too much chocolate. This is how to learn enjoyment and mindfulness!

This video might interest you:

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