Self-healing through fasting

Ruediger Dahlke is a kind of guru in the field of self-healing. His knowledge based on years of experience in his work as a successful psychotherapist and doctor. His credo: fasting, moving and meditation. His travels around the world and his knowledge of the beneficial effects of plants have led more and more people to feed on "Peace Food". We asked the man, who has already published numerous books on the subject, how to heal himself. WOMAN: Are there actually people who are 100% healthy?
Ruediger Dahlke: Not that I know … although I have never suffered in the last decades, for example, and I feel largely healthy. My slight myopia under the hair loss thank God does not hurt (laughs). WOMAN: How important is people's own health these days?
Ruediger Dahlke: In my experience, very important. Especially when small changes bring a significant health gain, people are very dedicated and responsible. One example is the switch to "peace food".

WOMAN: What is peace food?
Ruediger Dahlke: "Peace-Food" means plant-rich, scientifically proven food, ie a diet free of animal protein and based on organic food. WOMAN: Food intolerances , allergies, migraine, indigestion. Somehow you get the feeling that people have more and more health problems. Should not it be the other way around in the course of evolution?
Ruediger Dahlke: The reason for this is the increasingly unhealthy lifestyle of most people. But of course and fortunately there are also many people who are getting healthier. In the Integral Medicine Seminars, our Fast-Walking Courses or Detox Weeks, I am experiencing an increase in awareness of a healthier lifestyle. WOMAN: What is the lifestyle of a healthy adult?
Ruediger Dahlke: The basis for me: He is open to the learning opportunities (s) of a partnership (s), he looks forward to the next day and is challenged and encouraged by its challenges. Of course, exercise also plays an important role: physically, mentally and emotionally. As already mentioned, he feeds himself in the sense of "peace-food" and uses the chance to decode the "secret of the life energy" and thus to enrich and energize. In his daily routine, there are moments of meditation and thus of silence, in his annual cycle of fasting and thus regeneration. WOMAN: Some people find this time of silence difficult. Do you have any tips?
Ruediger Dahlke: The simplest and most sustained effective is probably the change in diet to a vegetable-full diet. This in turn promotes the desire for meditation and thus the inner silence but also on the inner and outer movement. WOMAN: And why is fasting so important?
Ruediger Dahlke: For me, fasting has been indispensable on the path to health and its preservation for decades. All major religions advise, and for some years now even the American conventional medicine, which recommends it even as a cancer prophylaxis and uses for cancer treatment. According to Hildegard von Bingen, fasting can heal 29 of her then-known diseases. Today, there are many more, because the symptoms increase so inflationary. WOMAN: Can we humans heal ourselves through fasting?
Ruediger Dahlke: Yes, we can do that very well! Not just through fasting but through a deliberately vegetable-balanced diet, moderate exercise in oxygen balance, through nap and meditation. Also important is the perception of external and internal signs, ie of problems and disease symptoms. I am convinced that spiritual approaches are the last and far-reaching step in order not only to be healthy, but also to be healthy and in the end even to become holy. WOMAN: Does this mean Western medicine alone can not make you live healthy?
Ruediger Dahlke: I think a lot of the traditional European medicine and work regularly with it. The TEM still has enormous development potential.
On the other hand, I am critical of Western medicine, and I also consider it indispensable in its essence. However, today we must remember that she has become the third leading cause of death after heart problems and cancer, that is, has sunk deep into the shadows.
In my training for "Integral Medicine" this plays a crucial role. Medicine needs a philosophy again, and a viable world view in which the sense again plays a decisive role.

WOMAN: Would you say health starts in your head?
Ruediger Dahlke: Yes, because motivation starts in your head, that's the way it is. Anyone who wants to make a difference in themselves and in their own world is well advised to increase their motivation and to see through and excuse the excuses. My book "The Shadow Principle" would be a very good help. WOMAN: If you have a headache, you take painkillers. Are there any alternatives?
Ruediger Dahlke: However: First, I would look up in "illness as a symbol", which is basically behind it and parallel to the guided meditations of the CD "headache" on exploration into my own soul-image worlds to make my own very individual Background to light up.
In addition, I would immediately stop taking gluten, as I have explained in detail in "Secret of Life Energy". WOMAN: Meditation seems to play an essential role in your program. How can meditating make you healthy?
Ruediger Dahlke: It does not matter if we find our center through medicine or meditation, because there is only one center. I recommend the approach from both directions. Especially my books and the meditation CDs serve this purpose. WOMAN: Do you have 3 tips that you can change from tomorrow onwards to contribute to a better and healthier lifestyle?
Ruediger Dahlke: 1. Drink at least two liters of water daily
2. Eat only plant-fully
3. Regularly take nap

Ruediger Dahlke tours again and again throughout Germany, Austria and Switzerland and in addition to his lectures also gives numerous seminars on the subject of self-healing.