Tea Detox: Interview with Kelly Choi

Did you know that tea is a miracle cure to lose a few pounds? So green tea supports the metabolism during fat loss, white tea is the ideal fat blocker and Chai is a true all-rounder, which gives you more power. Thanks to tea detox, you should lose 4 kilos in just 7 days and enjoy a flat stomach. The guide to the new book "7 Days Tea Cleanse" by US television star Kelly Choi. We talked to the author about the active ingredients of the different teas. WOMAN: Is it allowed to eat during the 7 days or is tea only allowed?
Kelly: Of course you can eat too. The book is filled with many delicious recipes. For breakfast, there is a tea, which boosts the metabolism and converts stored fat reserves into energy. At noon you can enjoy a delicious Tea Cleanse smoothie and in the evening there is a filling meal. With this plan you save daily from 800 to 1700 calories and you still feel full and energetic.

WOMAN: What kind of tea should you drink in the 7 days?
Kelly: There are more than 20 types of tea in the book – some melt fat, others reduce stress and some increase your metabolism. One of my favorites is goji tea, which boosts your body's calorie intake by 10%. Valerian tea before going to bed I love too, because it ensures a better quality of sleep.

WOMAN: What if cravings come?
Kelly: The meals in the book are so nutritious that you're never hungry. For example, you can find recipes for a delicious Thai chicken curry, grilled Ahi tuna, veggie wraps or a zucchini carbonara. WOMAN: Is it true that fruit tea is not that healthy?
Kelly: If the tea is sweetened then no. I like to add fresh lemon or raspberries to my tea! That's definitely healthy! WOMAN: Which kind of tea stimulates the metabolism?
Kelly: Green tea – but he can do much more. Only recently, a study has appeared that the antioxidants contained can limit the amount of starch that can be absorbed through eating and improve the metabolism of sugars.

WOMAN: Does a day "TeeTox" make any sense?
Kelly: Of course, you can try it for a day. Even this one day will lead to weight loss because of the low calorie intake and if you like it, your whole life can change. WOMAN: Are you allowed to eat normally again after 7 days of tea detox?
Kelly: I recommend a breakfast with proteins, healthy fats and fiber even after the detox week. I would continue to replace the lunch with the smoothie. In addition, you should continue to drink tea all day to get the maximum effect out of it. WOMAN: How often should you do the tea detox?
Kelly: I do it every other month to rid my body of various poisons. Blasphemies and cravings are signs that something is wrong with our body. With the 7-day tea detox you feel completely comfortable and the pounds tumble along side. The book "7 Days Tea Cleanse – Inside Cleaning, minus 4 pounds and a flat stomach in just one week" by Kelly Choi is now available for в‚Џ 9.99.