Tea Powder strengthens the body's defenses

Gwyneth Paltrow, Liv Tyler and Meg Ryan have long sworn by Matchatee, the green tea in powder form. But what exactly is so special about this powder that you hear so much about? "It's about 100 percent pure tea," says Thomas Grömer, expert and founder of the tea brand Kissa. "The difference is that you not only drink the infusion, as with the normal tea, which is strained: you consume the whole sheet in a ground form." The advantage: With conventional tea, only about ten percent of the valuable ingredients dissolve, so you have to drink quite a bit of it to feel the good effect. In Tea Powder, on the other hand, the valuable antioxidants are not lost. Of these, green tea contains more than any other natural food and is therefore considered the superfood par excellence. For comparison, Matcha contains 500 times more antioxidants than the much celebrated goji berry in recent years. Invented the powdered preparation, the Japanese. Matcha strengthens the body's defenses, lowers cholesterol and slows cell aging, it is also an ideal awake. In contrast to an espresso, the caffeine is slower, but longer. What many do not know: Tea Powder is not only available in green, you can also drink black or rooibos tea in powdered form.

Easy to prepare

If you want to take the original Japanese drink, you will need the typical bulbous bowl, a broom to whisk and a bamboo spoon for dosing. "It's quite simple: take two bamboo spoons or 1/2 teaspoon Tea Powder for one cup and pour it with about 80 ml of 80 ° water, then beat and drink with the broom," explains Grömer. Not only as a drink, the powder is unbeatable, as a beauty ingredient, z. For example in a mask against blemished skin, it works wonders: Mix half a teaspoon of coconut oil and Matcha with a little bit of water, cream on the face and let it work for 10 minutes.

The key ingredients for Tea Powder fans

Green wonder. Whether classically as tea, drank with milk as a latte or as a special ingredient in baked goods or desserts – from Matcha we can not get enough now! From Ringana for € 29, -. ringana.com Black Gold. Black Tea Powder is (still) an insider tip. The special feature: in contrast to the green version, black tea is fermented, producing theaflavins – particularly intense antioxidants. From Kissa for € 15,95. kissatea.com professional equipment. For the traditional preparation of powdered tea you need a matcha cup, a broom and a bamboo spoon. Tea set by Demmer for € 55,90. tee.at