This happens when you stop eating sugar

In the morning you drink a green smoothie and oatmeal, at noon it may be a light salad. Healthy eating? Nobody has to tell you something. Now you are ready for the ultimate challenge! Forgoing the spoon of sugar in the coffee (in my case five, I put the sugar mountain of Rio in the cup), the refusal of the Oreo biscuit (okay, the ten) after lunch, the bowl of ice cream for dessert.

Dispensing with sugar: That happens to you!

What happens if you refrain from refined sugar. If you try to eat sugar free as possible? Here are six things that are very likely to happen:

It's getting tough. Very hard. Let's face it: The addiction synapses are locked together. Only when you completely do without sugar will you realize how dependent you really are. Completely free of irony – it is so. You'll develop an incredible sweet tooth , you'll be close to tears when you think of the bounties in your desk drawer, you'll be magically attracted to the snack machine in the office. We do not claim that it's all over after 48 hours – but promised: It will be easier.

The food tastes better! It's a bit like stopping your smoking. Suddenly you smell more, you taste more. And notice that yogurt and fruits have a natural sweetness that you did not notice (okay, admittedly: it's not Snickers – but it's sweet!).

Black coffee is ok. If you thought that unsweetened coffee tastes disgusting, try it after five sugar-free days. If you have drunk black coffee a few times, it loses its bitterness. And if it really does not work, just add a few drops of unsweetened coconut milk.

The headaches go by. Foods that contain lots of sugar cause your blood sugar levels to skyrocket – and flatten just as quickly. In some people, this causes severe headaches. If you give up sugar, your blood sugar levels stabilize throughout the day – the terrible throbbing goes by.

You have more energy. Respectively: your energy does not diminish so quickly. You know that: drop in performance, a handful of gummy bears – and can be productive again five minutes. Only then is the performance drop all the more violent. If you use naturally sweet energy sources like an apple or a few carrots, your performance level stays constant for a longer time.

Everything tastes better: And when you treat yourself to something sweet (like this watermelon ice cream), it just tastes … even more delicious than ever. Or you treat yourself to this dessert without sugar.