Toilet Yoga: If it does not work on the toilet

Belly gripping, constipation or even hemorrhoids? The way to the toilet is not always a redeeming! However, a book with the telling title "Toilet Yoga (Because Sometimes Sh * t Doesn 't Happen)" should help.

Because the poses and movements presented in it should also relax the digestive system deeply and thus facilitate the daily business – with difficulty levels of one to five toilet bowls. And that probably makes it clear that you do not have to take this literary work too seriously. But a little more relaxation in the quiet village can certainly not hurt – so how about, for example, with these two exercises for meditative evacuation?

Everything for the perfect start to the day: Greet your toilet bowl with openness and a smile. Cross your hands in front of your upper body and extend your arms upwards, palms facing out. Count to ten, relax and repeat the exercise.

"The Prisoner" – this is how you release your inner prisoners: Attention – a few light gas explosions could precede this jailbreak.
Cross your hands behind your back, pull your shoulders back and move your chest forward. Hold the position for 10 seconds. Relax and repeat the exercise. The book can be purchased for example via Amazon.