Uncramps! 10 tips against regular pain

Only a few years ago I had no rule complaints. PMS? Went imperceptibly past me? Pull, cramps? I did not know. But that has turned. Every five years, the hormone levels of women change – and for me, this has apparently led to an aggravation of the complaints. Since then I would like to go to the diving station once a month. Cramp me on the bed, hoping these cramps will finally stop.

Why do you have ever-pains?

Why has nature set it up so we women have pain every month? Well, during the cycle, uterine lining is built up. If there is no fertilized egg, the endometrium is rejected at the end. Above all, the female sex hormone estrogen regulates the release of the tissue hormone prostaglandin, which is also responsible for inflammation, pain and blood clotting. The action of prostaglandin increases and lengthens the contraction of the uterine muscles. This again leads to the typical menstrual pain in many women. Great. So there is no escape. But – and that is the good news – there is at least the possibility to relieve the menstrual pain.

This helps against menstrual pain

SPORT AGAINST LOW PAIN. The muscle contractions lead to a poor circulation of the uterus – which again leads to pain. Sport relieves these cramps and stimulates blood circulation in the pelvis. Since you usually feel bloated during your days and your breasts hurt, soft sports such as cycling or yoga are more suitable during this time. Yoga will help you to overcome your regular pains – as you will learn in this video.

CALCIUM NUTRITION AGAINST MENSTRUATION DISORDERS. Especially if you suffer from cramping and pulling in the stomach, you should pay attention to a few things in your diet: Many women report that the absence of caffeinated drinks such as cola, black tea or just coffee helps. Also, the omission of dairy products is perceived by some as facilitating in this phase. Doctors advise regular menstruation to a magnesium and calcium-rich diet: nuts, wheat germ, dried legumes, sunflower seeds, white beans, spinach, hard cheese and whole milk should often be on the menu. If you suffer from bloating, a day's or high-fiber diet can help.

HEAT IS IRRESPECTIVE. A warm bath, a hot water bottle, a cherry stone pillow – no matter which method you choose: the heat helps against the cramps in the stomach and provides at least temporary relief.

ESSENTIAL OILS FOR RELAXATION DURING THE RULE. For abdominal massages, essential oils such as chamomile, fennel, marjoram or juniper are suitable. Drizzle a few drops of it into a neutral massage oil and then apply gentle pressure in a clockwise direction starting from the belly button and applying circular movements.

CRUSHING TEA IN MENSTRUATION DISORDERS. Mood swings? Then St. John's wort tea helps. But the spasms in the uterus can be a little help with a warm tea. Good are here fennel tea (which also helps against flatulence), chamomile, yarrow or lemon balm.

MASSAGES AGAINST THE TENSION. The spasms in the abdomen often strained the entire back. Because to avoid the pain, you automatically cramp your shoulders together, the muscles along the spine stiffen. A classic back massage can work wonders here – especially as it also promotes blood circulation in the abdomen.

THE PILL IN REGULAR PAIN. Hormonal contraceptives like the pill or the vaginal ring help to regulate the hormones in the body. Many women report that not only is the cycle more regular, but also the pain is gone. Other women, on the other hand, find the rule much more painful since taking the pill. In such cases, another preparation should be tried: Contraceptives with the hormone chlormadinone acetate (CMA) should prevent the formation of prostaglandins, for example, particularly well. In this case, please talk in detail with your gynecologist.

MEDITATION AND ANTI-STRESS TREATMENTS. Women who are generally under stress often complain of an increased sensation of pain during their period. Therefore, doctors recommend recurrent complaints about anti-stress programs. Many health insurance companies and adult education centers offer courses. Autogenic training and progressive muscle relaxation are also techniques that can be learned to overcome stress.

WAIVER OF NICOTINE AND ALCOHOL. Nicotine reduces the blood flow to the tissue – and is thus even a real pain driver. Therefore, smokers often suffer from severe menstrual pain than non-smokers. And also alcohol should be avoided in case of regular complaints.

ACUPRESSURE IN REGULAR PAIN. This is how it works: Press with your thumb or forefinger on the places that are on the lower leg insides about a hand wide below the knee. Stimulate several times a day for about five minutes to combat the menstrual pain. ATTENTION: If you suffer from extreme menstrual pain and very heavy bleeding, then please visit your gynecologist. In some cases, diseases such as endometriosis (growths of the uterine mucosa) are behind it!