6 foods that make you even hungrier

It is again the season in which we could eat without end: pies, cheese, biscuits, chocolates. Of course this is also due to the weather. Coldness and darkness cause our bodies to demand "soul food", ie short fortune kicks in the form of food. … but there may be a second reason why you could eat permanently and still be hungry all the time. Because certain foods leave you with more appetite and gusto than before.

These foods do not fill you up, they make you hungrier

1. Artificial sweetener

Low-calorie, sugar-free foods are often fortified with artificial sweeteners. These are usually not really a "healthy" alternative to refined sugar, but may even help your cravings for sweets increase. A study from 1988 for the first time pointed out the connection between sweetener and cravings. Test subjects said that after sweetener-based meals, they quickly became hungry again. By way of explanation, the researchers speculated that the body secretes insulin to the taste of "sweet" reflex. But because the sweeteners then deliver no carbohydrates, the blood sugar level drops and cravings follow.

2nd salad

Not every salad will satisfy you, especially if it is pure leaf salad. To make sure you're eating a well-balanced meal that will fill your stomach for a few hours, you should add healthy carbohydrates like quinoa or brown rice, sweet potatoes and proteins like chicken, chickpeas or salmon, as well as healthy fats (like avocados).

3. Fruit juices

To feel hungry after a meal, you need a balanced mix of vitamins, fiber (present in freshly squeezed juices), but also fat or protein. However, most ready-made juices contain a relatively low amount of fiber and a lot of sugar – which quickly raises the blood sugar level and just as quickly drops again. Why your body demands food again immediately. For this purpose, most ready-fruit juices are freed from the fruit fibers through a sieve. These contain a great deal of filling fiber and also ensure that your body does not immediately absorb the fructose (glucose).

4. Crackers

A few crackers in between should actually make a low-calorie snack. But the majority consists of simple carbohydrates. As a result, they are processed by your body faster and you feel cravings again faster. As a result, you feed more of them. To make cracker snacks more satisfying, you should upgrade them with avocado, nut butter or ricotta.

5. Salty snacks

There's a good reason why salty snacks such as roasted peanuts, chips and other munchies are served in bars. Because salty foods make you thirstier. Often our bodies confuse the feeling of thirst with that of hunger. What helps? If you feel hungry, do not consume salty snacks, but rather drink a large glass of water first.

6. Alcohol

After a wet and cheerful night, your body demands "hot and greasy". Alcohol, that is, ethanol, stimulates certain nerve cells of the brain, which give the body a strong feeling of hunger and persuade it to eat. According to this, cravings are not only based on the deterrent effect of alcohol – it is also based on a physical reaction. Besides, alcohol contains a lot of calories … but that's another story.