Yoga exercises for menstrual pain

Do you often suffer from abdominal pain during your period? Gentle physical activity can help you to resolve the cramps. For example, you should go for a walk or climb stairs to relieve the pain. There are also yoga exercises that provide more well-being during the day. Here are the 3 best exercises: Cat: Support your body on hands and knees. You can hang your head very easily down here. Shape a cat's hump, breathe in and out deeply, and hold it for 2 minutes. Then slowly stretch your head up and let the spine hang down. Stretch your butt out and your back down. Continue to breathe and hold for 2 minutes.

Hip opening: Lay your back flat on the floor and put the sole of the foot on the sole of your foot so that your knees are apart and your hips are open. Through the opening your abdomen relaxes. Put your hands on your stomach, close your eyes and feel your breathing. Stay that way for a few minutes. Pendulum: Lie on your back, pull your legs up to your upper body and cover with both legs. Now slowly swing from one side to the other while breathing in and out deeply. Tip: Be sure to use a soft mat.