Banana Diet – Instructions

The diet became known by accident, when the Japanese Hitoshi Watanabe had become too fat because of his office jobs. His wife, Sumiko Watanabe, a pharmacist for Chinese herbal medicine, advised the 31-year-old to try the banana diet. When he actually lost 13 kilos within six months, he reported his success on the Japanese Internet community Mixi and sparked a veritable hype. Thousands of Japanese also wanted to try the diet. In 2008, the demand for bananas was so great that even banana prices rose by 20%. But what is the secret of this diet? Bananas, unlike most would not be all you can eat during the banana diet. Strictly speaking, the diet is called "morning banana diet", because the yellow fruit is actually only eaten for breakfast. However, the enzymes contained in the banana should accelerate the weight loss process due to their filling properties and their positive effect on digestion.

Instructions banana diet

For breakfast give it one or two bananas (until you are full). There is also a lukewarm glass of water. At lunchtime you eat quite normally – best of course nothing hearty. You are dieting here. In the afternoon you may allow yourself a snack (if necessary) around 15 o'clock in the form of fruit or a natural yoghurt (if tolerated). In the evening you can eat normally again – but not after 20 o'clock !!!
It is important that you sleep well during the diet. It is best to go to bed before midnight! Dairy products (except natural yoghurt), sweets and alcohol are prohibited throughout the diet. Experts are of the opinion that the secret of success of the banana diet is not primarily with the banana itself, but let the rules around the diet tumble the kilos. If you avoid alcohol or desserts you automatically practice a more conscious and healthier diet. Also, many diets recommend early night sleep and adequate sleep. If you eat light meals such as rice, vegetables or fish for lunch and dinner, success is guaranteed!